Vehicle Code Violations

Generally, driving a car is essential to one’s ability to earn a living. Every day activities most people take for granted, such as grocery shopping become burdensome or nearly impossible without a driver’s license. Many people are driving with a suspended license when it is possible to get their license back or obtain a bread and butter license.

Many people lose their drivers licenses in Pennsylvania and their right to drive because they do not know their rights and what the legal effect is of pleading guilty. Pennsylvania has mandatory license suspensions for pleading guilty or being found guilty of certain offenses like, underage drinking, driving under a suspended license, drug act violations, reckless driving, racing on highways, accidents involving damage to attended vehicles or property and countless others.

Additionally, upon an accumulation of six points, the department of transportation can require a driver to go to driver’s safety school and suspend the driver’s license if they fail to do so. Excessive accumulation of points can lead to a person’s license being suspended and accumulations of points can be costly when applying for insurance.

By hiring an experienced attorney to fight your vehicle code violations you may avoid the risk of losing your license, avoid an unnecessary accumulation of points and ultimately save money on your insurance. Below is a list of offenses that carry points. These violations along with any violation that suspends your license should be avoided.


(a) General rule.--A point system for driver education and control is hereby established which is related to other provisions for use, suspension and revocation of the operating privilege as specified under this title. Every driver licensed in this Commonwealth who is convicted of any of the following offenses shall be assessed points as of the date of violation in accordance with the following schedule:

Section Number                             Offense                                              Points
1512                  Violation of restriction on driver's license.                         2
1571                  Violation concerning license.                                            3
3102                  Failure to obey policeman or authorized person.               2
3112(a)(3)(i) or (ii)  Failure to stop for a red light.                                     3
3114(a)(1)         Failure to stop for a flashing red light.                               3
3302                  Failure to yield half of roadway to oncoming                     3
3303                  Improper passing.                                                          3
3304                  Other improper passing.                                                 3
3305                  Other improper passing.                                                 3
3306(a)(1)         Other improper passing.                                                  4
3306(a)(2)         Other improper passing.                                                  3
3306(a)(3)         Other improper passing.                                                  3
3307                  Other improper passing.                                                 3
3310                  Following too closely.                                                     3
3321                  Failure to yield to driver on the right at                            3
3322                  Failure to yield to oncoming driver when making               3
                         left turn.
3323(b)              Failure to stop for stop sign.                                             3
3323(c)              Failure to yield at yield sign.                                             3
3324                 Failure to yield when entering or crossing                          3
                         roadway between intersections.
3332           Improper turning around.                                                       3
3341(a)       Failure to obey signal indicating approach of train.                   2  

3341(b)               Failure to comply with crossing gate or barrier.                4
                    (and 30 days suspension)
3342(b) or (e)   Failure to stop at railroad crossings.                                   4
3344             Failure to stop when entering from alley,                                3
                         driveway or building.
3345(a)       Failure to stop for school bus with flashing red                         5
                   lights. (and 60 days suspension)
3361           Driving too fast for conditions.                                                2
3362           Exceeding maximum speed.--Over Limit:
                                                                                                6-10       2
                                                                                                11-15     3
                                                                                                16-25    4
                                                                                                26-30     5
                                                                                                31-over  5
            (and depart hearing and sanctions provided under section 1538(d))
3365(b)     Exceeding special speed limit in school zone.                             3
3365(c)      Exceeding special speed limit for trucks on                               3
3542(a)      Failure to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk.                               2
3547          Failure to yield to pedestrian on sidewalk.                                3
3549(a)       Failure to yield to blind pedestrian.                                          3
3702         Improper backing.                                                                   3
3714         Careless driving.                                                                     3
3745         Leaving scene of accident involving property                             4
                 damage only.

<Text of subsec. (a) effective May 9, 2005.>




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